UK Support Packages

We know how hard it can be adjusting to digital trends and the habits of your customers when it comes to technology, especially now as the expectations of consumers and providers change more rapidly than ever. We also know how challenging it can be to adapt, without knowing where or how to start.

For this reason, we’ve introduced a series of packages for our UK customers designed to take the stress out of taking that next step. Each of our options provide a different level of support, depending on what your needs are. They also include bespoke and genuine advice from our clever team, who are passionate about enabling others to experience the full benefits of the digital age.

We’ve discounted our package rates to support businesses during COVID-times. All rates displayed below are displayed as such.

Get Online Workshop

We’ll get you up to speed digitally, and take some of the stress out of adapting your business to an increasingly virtual world. Our team will work with you to understand your needs as a business, and will provide advice on where you could start increasing your digital presence.

Package includes:

  • 40 minute workshop with a pair of our tech experts to clarify what you need and how it can be achieved
  • A one page report with clear actions and advice that you can take to get operating online fast

Recommended for:

  • Companies that need to change how they operate in a world that is becoming rapidly more online and mobile, but don’t know where to start or what they need to do

Discounted COVID price: £60

Shopify Support Package

Our Shopify support package is ideal if you need to start running your business online, but don’t know where to start. We’ll workshop some ideas with you to make sure we understand how your business works, and then set up and customise a Shopify site for you, so you can start selling online. Our goal will be to make sure you know how to manage your site yourself, so you won’t be reliant on us unless you want to be!

Package includes:

  • A 1.5 hour workshop with a pair of web and ecommerce experts
  • A one page reports with some clear actions you can take to get operating online fast
  • 10 hours of setup and customisation and training for your very own Shopify ecommerce site

Recommended for:

  • Companies that want to start selling their products online

Discounted COVID price: £400


Online shop + Marketing & Branding

If you need support to run an advertising campaign to reach your customers, or a new look to help you stand out, this bespoke package includes marketing and branding support, as well as the same great advice and technical support as the other packages.

Package includes:

  • Workshop(s) and discussions to fine-tune your business for the digital landscape
  • Full storefront build on Shopify
  • Marketing and branding support
  • Additional support, if required

Recommended for:

  • Companies that think that just getting online fast isn’t enough right now, and that they need to rethink their marketing and branding along with their online presence.

Discounted COVID price: From £3300 depending on requirements: full quote given after initial discussion.


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