New Look, Same Lab3

By Jake Crouchley

For anyone who’s had contact with us in the past 3 ½ years of operation, you’ll notice that we’ve had a bit of a facelift. We’re immensely excited to roll out a new look that we think represents who we are and what we want Lab3 to be. At the same time, we’re going through a great deal of other major changes with a new office and an expanded team.

To explain the need for a change in appearance, it helps to understand our story so far. We established the company while at university with the primary intention to put our skills to good use in a varied and uninhibited way - we craved the freedom to work on projects that really interested us. We showcased this in our initial branding: bright and colourful, with bold shapes, to try and demonstrate our commitment to creativity. While these values, flexibility and creativity, are still 100% a part of what Lab3 is, we feel that we have also markedly improved in our skills and capacity over the almost four years we’ve been in business. We want to reflect this in how we present ourselves, and we think this new look more accurately represents the quality of service we can provide. We’d love to hear what you think!

(We have the fantastic Samantha Cawthorn and her business Winsome to thank for all the design work)

While we’ve been working on updating the rest of the outward-facing parts of Lab3 to suit the new branding, we’ve had a raft of other changes make their way into our operations this year. Greenhouse, the brilliant space we called home for the past 2+ years, is closing its doors - prompting our move to a bright and sunny new home on Victoria Street. We’ve also expanded our team, bringing on Tom McCann as a software developer to bolster our capacity and speed of delivery.

If you’re around Victoria Street, drop into Level 2, 122 (top of the House of Travel building). We’d love to show you the new setup.

Article by Jake Crouchley