Circuband’s mission is to help people reach their fitness goals. We were stoked to help them in their mission by making an app that connects their users directly to Circuband’s world-class fitness device.

Problem Solved

The Brief:

Circuband had developed a new smart resistance band using Stretchsense technology. The sensors they were using were smart, but they needed a way to display the information they wanted to their users.

The team approached us with the idea of creating an app to connect to the sensor in their smart-band which could show key data to the user about their fitness, workout and general interaction while using the band.

The Solution

Our team created iOS and Android apps that connect to Circuband’s smart fitness bands. The app allows you to connect up to two devices, calibrate their settings, and display your fitness data in real time.

Live data tracking and graphing within the app gives users the ability to track every detail of their workout performance.

Circuband believes that to improve in any aspect of your fitness, you first need to know where you stand. Our app allowed Circuband to give their users that knowledge by displaying the details of their resistance band exercises – something that traditionally hasn’t been possible.

The Details

The app was designed as a prototype so Circuband could showcase the capabilities of what they could do with the Band.

The key features of the app were:

  • Connecting the StretchSense smart devices to the app using Bluetooth
  • Reading the live data from the smart bands
  • Displaying the data to the user in a way that was clean and easy to understand

To provide this functionality, we connected the sensors to Android and iOS apps through a logical and user-friendly workflow, and created algorithms to interpret workout data by working with the Circuband team. We took the raw data given by the devices and turned it into the Sets, Reps and Weight values gym-goers are used to seeing when tracking their workouts.

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